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Miracle fruit not right around the corner
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It looks like “miracle fruit” will be taking another lap around the Food Trends track. Miracle fruit, a.k.a. Synsepalum delcificum, pops up in the media every year or so as a possible “diet breakthrough.” The fruit in question is a somewhat tart-tasting West African berry that has a remarkable effect on those who chew on one or two: for the following hour or so, it makes anything sour taste absolutely sweet, and many things that taste sweet taste even better.

The miraculous berry’s active ingredient is “miraculin, ” the PR-conscious name given to a protein that binds to the taste buds and tweaks the tongue’s “sweetness” receptors to kick in when anything sour is tasted.

Engineering sweetness

The notion of a simple food item that can make sour or minimally sweetened food items into calorie-free alternatives for diabetics or dieters or the simply sweet-toothed is, of course, pure catnip to entrepreneurs, and several have tried to cash in on the miracle fruit. Alas, the fruit itself is rather delicate, and only truly at home in tropical climates.

Researchers have tried to genetically engineer other, hardier plants into producing miraculin, from tomatoes to tobacco to yeast, and have succeeded somewhat with lettuce, but have been stymied in marketing it as a sweetener because of FDA regulations requiring years of costly and time-consuming tests to approve food additives. A Japanese horticulturist has come up with a dose of miraculin in tablet form, but at $3.50 per miracle fruit tablet, they’re simply not competitive with existing sugar alternatives.

Nonetheless, miracle fruit has been appearing in the news again, which means that one or more would-be miraculin moguls will surely try to somehow make a buck turning the sour into the sweet. The advice from here to such persons: don’t waste your time.

We don’t really need more sweet stuff

Forget the miracle fruit. There are simply too many drawbacks. For one thing, it can completely screw up an otherwise pleasant dining experience. The problem is miraculin’s Midas Touch: it makes a number of foods taste sweet that truly shouldn’t, and if you consume those foods after chewing a miracle berry, expect some sensory weirdness.

Source: calorielab.com

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Atkins isn't a miracle diet

2003-05-06 12:13:46 by and_the_reason_it

Works is becuase it forces you to examine what you eat, and eat less and exercise. Atkins can be dangerous (losing so much weight so fast is a giant stress on your body and can lead to organ damage).
The studies I have seen have shown that the only real benefit of Atkins is that you have to focus on your eating habits and stop eating junk. Due to the dangers of this diet, I would stay far away and just eat a healthy, rational diet. Fruit and carbs are not the enemy if taken in moderation, a concept many seem to have forgotten (moderation, that is).

Getting trees to make fruit

2011-01-01 13:10:24 by cebuphil

The main reason a mature plant doesn't make fruit is a lack of proper feeding. Miracle grow is the worst product on the market, so if you are using that, don't say "but I am feeding it".
A slow release pelleted fertilizer with at least a 12 nitrogen, a 3 to 12 phosphate, and a 6 to 14 potash number are required. I recommend Osmacote 19-6-12 outdoor and indoor food, found in most nurseries. Once or twice a year also add some iron supplement to the diet, but you must fertilize at least three times a year.
Plants can't make fruit if they are starving, and will not even flower if they are too stressed

My diet

2008-06-15 22:24:14 by diamonds_nine

Is very steady. In fact, I've plateaued all this week after a 10lb loss earlier in the month. I think it's PMS. I'm not interested in any "quick fixes" or miracle solutions. I'm very happy with my slow but steady progress. Even my plateau can't last forever, so I'm patient and willing to take my time and do this right.
I'm just an insatiably curious person, and I like to learn things. The fact that I'm well aware that 10lbs in three days is physiologically impossible for someone of average height/weight just makes me that much more curious to see if somehow, it does work

Miracle Fruit on CNN and It s …
Miracle Fruit on CNN and It's …
Discovery Science samples Miracle Fruit
Discovery Science samples Miracle Fruit
Miracle Fruit on Graham Norton Show
Miracle Fruit on Graham Norton Show
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