Lychee Super Fruit Diet

Lichi Super Fruit Diet & Detox: What is This Lychee Fruit?

Lychee fruit, also known as Lichi or Leechi, is the latest super fruit antioxidant and detox nutrient to hit the market. Like other super fruits (i.e. acai), the lychee fruit comes from a tropical fruit tree—an evergreen tree actually. However, they are native to China but now cultivated in several different areas across the globe, including the United States.While this may be a new super fruit to you, “Unofficial records in China refer to Lychee as far back as 2000 BC” Source:

Traditionally, lychee is eaten Lichi Supplements fresh when ripe by peeling off the reddish rind (that looks like a raspberry at first glance) to expose the white, sweet flesh. Today, products like our newly added Lichi Diet and Lichi Totally Body Detox utilize the antioxidant potential of this special fruit in extract and powder form.

As with other fruits, lychees are relatively low in saturated fat and sodium. They’re also cholesterol free. Lychee’s most intriguing nutritional characteristic, however—and why we now have Lichi supplements—is the fruit’s amazing amount of polyphenols. They contain 15% more polyphenols than grapes, which is typically the standard to which other fruits are help against.


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If they get sick, doesn't that indicate that

2008-07-21 13:34:32 by JLauren

Meat isn't the best thing for them and that maybe they shouldn't be eating it? I can go years without eating a certain vegetable or fruit, but I'm not going to get sick if I try it again. I had never had lychee until I was 19, but it didn't make me sick when I ate it.
Why should treeflower21 feed her infant/toddler food that she wouldn't eat herself? What it comes down to is that for many vegetarians it is morally wrong to eat meat. It's not morally wrong to abstain from it. So why not feed the child a vegetarian diet until the child can make an informed decision for him or herself? This compromise has been working out great for my SO and I in regards to our daughter and he is very much a meateater

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