Low-Carb Diet With Fruits

Fruit to eat When Reducing Carbs in the Diet
Low Carb Tips & Recipes

What about fruit? I get this question a lot. The deal with fruit is that the amount depends on how low in carbs you need to or want to go. If you're just trying to cut back, it's MUCH MUCH more important to concentrate on added sugars and starches. On the other hand, some fruit, especially dried fruit, is very high in sugars, so it's a good idea to inform yourself about fruit.

Low-Carb Fruit List

Like yesterday's vegetable list, this list is roughly from the fruits lowest to highest in carbs. Most have links to more carb and nutrition info, and some have links to recipes (especially the berries).

Quick Tip: Fruits Low to High

5 categories of fruit to remember, from lowest to highest.

All About Berries

Berries are the best fruits to zero in on, as they are not only low in sugar, but high in nutrients and health benefits. Links to recipes.

Cranberry Extravagnza

Cranberries are such a bargain when it comes to the amount of nutrition for the amount of sugar. Throw a few bags into the freezer in the fall and serve them year-round!


Sugar-Free Cranberry Sauce

This very simple recipe is great at Thanksgiving, but also with yogurt or ricotta cheese any time, and lots of other ways.

Raspberry Chiffon Squares

These jello-based squares are made with cream cheese, and are a very nice sugar-free dessert or snack.

Fresh Berry Pie

I make this every summer during olallieberry season (a type of blackberry which grows near where I live). Yum!!

Source: lowcarbdiets.about.com

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Experiences with Low-Carb Diet

2011-02-23 05:58:29 by symster

Good day DiFo!
Some of you might know that I decided to go low-carb in an attempt to shed a couple pounds of flab, mainly from the beer belly region (no one else seems to notice this on me but to me it seems to announce itself every time I look in the mirror).
In my case, by low-carb I mean:
1. cutting out all fruit
2. drastically increasing vegetable intake
3. eating whole grains only in the morning (mostly oatmeal)
4. cutting out all sugary dairy except for ca. 1/2 milk in the morning with oatmeal.
In order to make up for the lost calories I've of course, increased fat and protein

The Zone Diet

2004-08-23 09:05:13 by itactuallyworks

Well, for a good while I was eating what I thought was just a low-carb diet. I was not doing the Atkins or Southbeach thing. I was eating measured amounts of protein, fruit and veggies, and dairy. And I just found out yesterday, that in a way I was doing the Zone diet.
I still don't understand all of the tenements of the Zone, so I can't wholeheartedly recommend it.
But I can recommend, for some people out there like me who have a problem with overeating, that eating a diet rich in fruits and veggies and small amounts of protein, is pretty good. Just cut out all of the processed foods and your body feels a lot "cleaner" .

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