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Why I Chose a High Fruit vs. a High Fat Raw Food Diet

[Editor's Note: This article was originally written in March 2010. The information in this article may not reflect current dietary practices. See my most recent 80/10/10 update here.]

The biggest debate in the raw food world is whether or not we should be getting the majority of our calories from sweet fruit or from fats like avocados,coconuts,nuts and seeds. When it comes to raw veganism,there simply isn’t enough calories in greens and vegetables.

There is research on both sides in support of high fruit (low fat) and high fat that make sense and are promoted by long term raw foodists with impressive credentials. There is also a lot of information that contradicts claims made by both sides. In fact,those who promote a fruit-based diet make claims that the raw fat diet is a health disaster and vice versa. It’s a confusing issue for anyone who is a veteran raw foodist,let alone a newcomer.

This debate gave me a little anxiety when I began eating a raw diet. I felt that my health was at stake and so I wanted to make sure that I was picking the “right” side. I was faced with having to sift through the conflicting research and make up my own mind and then have the peace of mind that I wasn’t doing something detrimental to my health?

Now I do not have a medical background so I will not assume a position of authority to tell you which side of the debate is correct. I will,however,share how I came to the conclusion of what the right version of the raw food diet was for me. I recommend that you use the same methods to figure it out for yourself.

When I began exploring the raw food diet,I embraced the high-fat diet. (By the way,it’s never called that by raw foodists who eat that way.) I indulged in raw nut butters,oil-based dressings on my salads,flax crackers,cacao (raw chocolate),avocados,coconuts and I snacked on nuts whenever I was hungry. I enjoyed the many nut and seed-based raw gourmet meals from raw restaurants or recipes from the many “un”cookbooks out there. It was filling and satisfying.

This way of eating helped me to transition from a cooked,standard diet to a high raw diet so I can’t knock it completely.Thriving On Raw FoodsIt’s a great transition diet! During my initial 100% raw diet trials,I ate high-fat raw vegan and felt great. That feeling didn’t last long,however. I quickly arrived at a point where my digestion felt sluggish,my energy was low and I’d even get indigestion. I wasn’t experiencing the benefits of the raw food diet. I felt like what I was eating was actually not healthy anymore.

So I made the switch to a fruit based diet. After just three days,I had a dramatic increase of energy. My mood was more positive. My digestion was humming along efficiently and my energy levels soared. I slept better and woke up in the morning feeling more rested than I usually do. I also felt that what I was eating was right for my body. I felt healthy.

Right now,I am eating mostly sweet fruit throughout the day along with two bunches of leafy greens (usually in a smoothie). I have a little fat from avocado or nuts and seeds at the end of the day. I try to avoid overt fats until my dinner meal. I feel so much better than I did on high fat raw gourmet.

To support my finding that a fruit-based diet was optimal,I looked to nature for examples.

Source: www.incrediblesmoothies.com

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Diet soda is a corporate conspiracy to...

2008-12-16 14:05:28 by LavenderWoodNymph

Recapture the market that is more health conscious -- that does not want to chug HIGH FRUCTOSE CORN SYRUP -- because they are "dieting". :)
personally, ... my grandmother chugged full sugar/corn syrup --- "cocacola" until she developed onset diabetes & then switched to diet coke. & she still has concontrolled diabetes, but -- that's irrelevant, isn't it.
in any event -- diet soda -- does not have the health benefits of fruits, vegetables, & whole grains. it has no proteins & it does not have any other benefits to me -- so it is not included in my personal diet plan

More paleo diet details you seem to miss

2011-06-29 13:12:37 by sportjester1

Paleolithic diet to our current modern pattern of intake has resulted in profound changes in feeding behavior. Shifts have occurred from diets high in fruits, vegetables, lean meats, and seafood to processed foods high in sodium and hydrogenated fats and low in fiber"
"Paleolithic dietary patterns have shown promising results with favorable changes in CVD and diabetes risk factors. However, such benefits may be offset by disadvantages of the Paleolithic diet, which is low in vitamin D and calcium and high in fish potentially containing environmental toxins"

Benefits of grapefruit

2005-03-21 06:09:46 by eat-more-grapefruit!

Health Benefits of Grapefruit
Grapefruit may be the less favored citrus choice when compared to its sweeter cousin, the orange, but grapefruit sparkles with health promoting compounds that may help:
* fight cold symptoms
* prevent certain forms of cancer
* prevent heart disease
Vitamin C
Grapefruit is an excellent source of vitamin C, a vitamin that helps to support the immune system. Vitamin C-rich foods like grapefruit may help reduce cold symptoms or severity of cold symptoms; over 20 scientific studies have suggested that vitamin C is a cold-fighter

Highly controversial in fitness and nutrition

2008-01-17 07:13:21 by mycologicalmania

Circles, but I find what I have learned through the eat right for your type to hold true. Here is a brief over view:
Blood Type O should basically stick to a high protein diet (including red meat), low carbs, fruits and vegetables. Cut out wheat and most other grains, corn, and avoid dairy products and most nuts. Must engage in vigorous physical exercise.
Blood Type A must ideally be vegetarian - high carbohydrate, low fat. Basically, stick to fruits and vegetables. This blood type is supposed to have relatively thicker blood, and a sensitive immune system. Must not consume dairy products, animal fat and meat

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