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Fruit flies fed organic diets are healthier than flies fed nonorganic diets, study finds
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Fruit flies raised on diets based on organic foods performed better on a variety of health tests, including fertility and longevity

A new study looking at the potential health benefits of organic versus non-organic food found that fruit flies fed an organic diet recorded better health outcomes than flies fed a nonorganic diet.

The study from the lab of SMU biologist Johannes H. Bauer, Southern Methodist University, Dallas, found that fruit flies raised on diets of organic foods performed better on several tests for general health.

“While these findings are certainly intriguing, what we now need to determine is why the flies on the organic diets did better, especially since not all the organic diets we tested provided the same positive health outcomes, ” said Bauer, principal investigator for the study.

Fruit flies on organic diets showed improvements on the most significant measures of health, namely fertility and longevity, said high school student researcher Ria Chhabra.

“We don’t know why the flies on the organic diet did better. That will require further research. But this is a start toward understanding potential health benefits, ” said Chhabra, a student at Clark High School in Plano, Texas, who led the experiment.

Chhabra sought to conduct the experiments after hearing her parents discuss whether it’s worth it to buy organic foods to achieve possible health benefits.

Bauer, an assistant professor in SMU’s Department of Biological Sciences, mentored Chhabra by helping guide and design her research experiments. The research focus of Bauer’s fruit fly lab is nutrition and its relationship to longevity, health and diabetes.

“It’s rare for a high school student to have such a prominent position in the lab. But Ria has tremendous energy and curiosity, and that convinced me to give this research project a try, ” Bauer said.

The findings, “Organically grown food provides health benefits to Drosophila melanogaster, ” have been published in the open access journal PLOS One. Buaer and Chhabra co-authored the paper with Santharam Kolli, a research associate at SMU. The article is available from PLOS One online at .

Flies on organic food performed better on some health tests
“The data demonstrated that flies raised on organic food extracts by-and-large performed better on the majority of health tests, ” reported the researchers.


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DO NOT cut fruit from your diet.

2008-09-07 11:03:53 by mcdkatie

I was going to let this go, but after the second post of saying it was healthy to stop eating fruit, I feel the need to step in here. Do you just want to drop weight for your wedding or do you want to get healthy, be healthy, and stay healthy? Please be careful with fad diets like dropping fruit from your diet. Yes, there are sugars in fruit. Natural healthy needed sugars. Your body needs carbohydrates to keep energy and one of those healthy sources of carbs are from fruit. There are cases of people who have taken this "don't eat fruit" thing so far that they get scurvy. Scurvy - the old sailors disease from a lack of Vitamin C

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