Fruits only diet

Is there such this as a diet of only fruit for humans?
The Secret To Glowing (Yellow) Skin? Eat Your Fruits And Veggies

Its called fruitarian and you should never do it. You will only get sick on this "diet". This is an eating disorder cult and they only show you positive stories on their sites and they block and censor all the negative stories which are the majority. They discourage their followers from talking to doctors or talking to outsiders. Harley and Lea, two top fruitarian online gurus are both ex drug addicts who dropped out of high school btw and he looks like a meth addict while she looks like an anorexic...

I did this diet and I had my hair start falling out, I had cavities for the first time in my life, my skin got so dry it started cracking, I was severely underweight and depressed, I stopped getting a period, the list goes on and on. I had no energy to workout despite how much calories I had to eat! I'm so glad I got out before the damage became permanent!

Google this cult and check out sites like 30 bananas a day sucks, raw food sos etc... it the truth about them. The one they don't want you to hear.

You will only get worse after your health starts deteriorating even though it might not happen the first year or even two but it will eventually happen and they will tell you that you are not doing the diet correctly or that you are a troll. Humans are not made to eat this way despite what harley and lea will tell you. They will say anything to hold onto their followers and they operate just as a cult does. They just say things that appeal to desperate people who don't know anything about nutrition so they'll do anything if they have someone say its true online and well they're not telling the truth.

Their best arguments are look we're so sexy and look meat eaters are ugly. They are not sexy. Again most of them look like drug addicts (and are former drug addicts which is why they love the sugar rush) or anorexics. They're not attractive at all and they're so desperate if they have to resort to doing every video in their bikinis (nothing impressive to look at anyway). They resort to insulting paleo people when they're showing people who aren't even paleo on their videos and articles. They invent lies about Atkins which are easily verifiable if you do a little bit of research.

Think about it. If they are spreading the truth why is it that they need to censor people? Why do they encourage you to cut out people who have something else to say from your life? Why do they tell you not to see health professionals? Why do they have to resort to insulting people and inventing lies? Why is it that harley and lea need to sleep 16 hours a day and can't hold down normal jobs?


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All veg/fruit diet versus atkins

2007-04-16 13:32:31 by ---

I'm trying a new diet, and it's basically that you can only eat fresh fruits and vegetables. I think it's called the negative calorie diet. Anyway, I have had people tell me that it's not healthy, but I can't imagine why. Fruits and veggies are good for you, right?
What do you guys think, and do you think a diet like Atkins is any healthier?

Sure you can modify this diet

2004-04-29 20:48:59 by toons

I do it this way simply because its ez for me.if you look at all the reccommended diets..AMA,american cancer society etc. they all reccomend 5-9 fruits and veggies a day. so i just do all the fruits together blended with grapfruit juice or your fave and drink it down for brkfst. seriosly whose going to walk around with abag of fruit to crunch down all day?that takes care of the fruit part. then--your body generally only requires enough meat/protien about the size of a can of tuna per day(70-80grams) so if you eat a decent lunch or dinner and include veggies and salad,your there. ez enough for todays rapid world

K i will tell you how i 'crash' dieted to lose

2006-11-11 11:56:34 by azprincess21

The majority of the weight, 90lbs... not healthy at all...
i became anorexic and was on three diet pills and i walked all the time in the blistering arizona heat and would only have a slim fast every few days when i thought i would pass out.
i got sick and ruined my kidneys, and had to think of a better way to diet (and i hate dieting)...
so now, to this day, i drink lots of water, eat lots of fruits and veggies throughout the day, and one small dinner. first thing in the morning, monday thru friday, i do cardio for 30-45 mins- fun stuff cardio, like dance tapes

Acai Berry Exclusive Diet Fruit ONLY …
Acai Berry Exclusive Diet Fruit ONLY …
Should I eat only fresh fruits and vegetables?
Should I eat only fresh fruits and vegetables?
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They Laughed when I said I only eat Fruit …
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