Fruits for acid reflux diet

Acid Reflux Diet - Safe Foods for Heartburn Sufferers
Some Advice on Dried Fruit | Dropping Acid: The Reflux Diet

Certain foods can aggravate your heartburn symptoms, and when planning your acid reflux diet, it's best to limit or avoid completely those foods and drinks that result in heartburn. There are some foods that have little or no potential for causing heartburn.

The foods listed in the Table below are the most common foods that are usually pretty safe for heartburn sufferers to eat.

For a listing of foods that you may be able to enjoy occasionally, please check out the table for foods that can be Consumed With Discretion. For a listing of foods that probably should be limited, as they are usually responsible for a higher occurrence of heartburn, please check out the table for Foods To Be Limited.

This is by no means a complete list, and in your personal situation, you may either find you can eat the foods from the "Avoid" group with no problem or have problems with foods not listed. It is a good idea to keep a Food Diary. For approximately two weeks, write down what you eat, when you eat and any symptoms you may experience. This will help you and your doctor plan your diet and decide on any change in eating habits you may need.

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Safe Foods for the Acid Reflux Diet


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A natural alternative for acid reflux

2006-09-03 14:34:55 by 8-DK

Rather than taking a prescription drug, an herbal remedy or digestive enzymes to deal with the acid reflux, you could just remove the elements of the diet that contribute to acid reflux and increase the foods that are easy to digest.
The foods that create an acidic condition in the body because they 1) need acids to digest, or 2) create acids as a byproduct of their digestion are animal products and high fat foods.
The foods that are the easiest to digest are high water content foods, that is, fresh whole fruits and vegetables.
Decrease the acid causing foods, and increase the easy to digest foods and you will reduce the acid creation in your body

Avoid foods that make you acidic

2004-09-08 07:51:39 by rawyogi

The foods that make you acidic are high protein and high fat foods, as the by products of the metabolism of these foods is uric acid. Also, wheat and other grains are high in phytic acid and should be minimalized. For starch, a better choice are yams and sweet potatoes.
Going on a low fat vegan diet ought to heal your acid reflux (less than 10% fat and less than 10% protein in the diet).
The best foods to eat are fresh fruits and salads. Be mindful of salad dressings, as 1 tbsp of oil is a 100 calories of fat.

Thank you for your reply. One of the problems

2009-01-20 19:36:57 by lsds

Here is that I don't know how to cook at all - I don't even HAVE a pan, much less a 'cast iron pan' and I have no idea what is 'searing' or 'parchment' and I totally hate fish.
I'm sure the lentil soup you suggest is from DRY lentil beans - I have never cooked dry beans and ALL beans give me horrible and painful GAS.
I cannot eat salsa or any onions or tomato products due to GERD/acid reflux.
As for fruits as snacks, I don't really like fruit either. I gag it down, but it's nothing I look forward to eating. And all citrus fruits are out because of the acid relux thing

I'm worried that it is caused in part by meds

2005-06-27 08:25:12 by -beanon-

I'm on prilosec for Acid Reflux
and birthcontrol and thyroid medication.
I'm feeling bad, because over the years I have done a hell of a lot more to protect my health than some other morbidly obese people that I see on a daily basis.
(I'm obese due to thyroid and partially due to diet but I'm trying to change that)
It's just not fair. Maybe the 2 or three morbidly obese people I know don't bother to get check ups or they just aren't talking about it,
but I have always excercised with some regularity and eaten more fruits and veggies and tried different ways to live a more healthful lifestyle

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Acid Reflux Diet and Foods To Eat Guide
Acid Reflux Diet and Foods To Eat Guide
Nutrition & Diets : Acid Reflux Diet Plan
Nutrition & Diets : Acid Reflux Diet Plan
Acid Reflux Diet - GERD diet
Acid Reflux Diet - GERD diet
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