Fruits and seeds diet

Raw Fruit Vegetable Seed & Nut Diet

Consuming only raw foods has become a popular diet. Photo Credit Fruit salad in hollow watermelon and fruits image by Elzbieta Sekowska from

Celebrities such as Woody Harrelson, Demi Moore, Jason Mraz and Alicia Silverstone have embraced the raw foods diet in some form. A raw foods diet requires consuming uncooked and unprocessed plant foods and avoiding unhealthful and artificial ingredients. Individuals often choose to follow a raw foods diet to lose weight, increase energy, detoxify the body, prevent illness and improve overall health. The raw food diet goes along with the Dietary Guidelines for Americans recommendations by promoting the consumption of more fruits and vegetables and fewer saturated fat foods and processed foods high in sugar.

A typical raw food diet includes raw fruit, vegetables, sprouts, nuts, seeds, seaweed and sprouted grains. While many meals remain simple such as a smoothie or salad, the tastes of most traditional food recipes can be made raw. Raw food restaurants often have a vast menu of items, including raw pizzas, soups, veggie burgers, sandwiches, pastas and desserts, according to the book "Living on Live Food."

When you preserve the enzymes in raw foods, it becomes more easily digestible, according to Alissa Cohen in her book "Living on Live Food." When you eat a food that your body can easily digest, you expend less energy in the digestion process. Cooking also destroys a large percent of the nutrients in most foods. Raw plant foods are high in fiber, vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. In addition to taking in a high level of nutrients, the raw food diet also promotes weight-loss. Most plant foods are low in calories, saturated fat, cholesterol and sodium, all nutritional values that contribute to weight gain and health problems. Raw foodists also tout the importance of consuming alkaline foods. Most raw plant foods are alkaline-forming while processed foods and animal products are often acid-forming, creating an unhealthy pH in the human body, according to health author Robert O. Young.

Many people who read about the raw food diet believe that raw foodists must eat salads all day and fresh fruit. While some raw foodists do primarily eat salad and fruit, it is their choice. Others who follow a raw food lifestyle eat raw cacao chocolate cake, raw banana-cashew "ice cream" and dehydrated, raw pizza. Another common misconception is that the raw food diet is another fad diet that joins the likes of the Atkins diet and the grapefruit diet. While some choose to follow the raw food lifestyle to lose weight, many individuals consume a high percentage of raw foods for a variety of other reasons. They do not view it as a short-term diet, but a life-long eating choice.


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Stop feeding seeds as a diet

2010-04-20 12:53:51 by exoticvet08

No psittacine (parrot) should be fed a diet of strictly birdseed. It is deficient in MANY vitamins and especially calcium. Over time, this chronic malnutrition will lead to chronic, permanent upper respiratory infections, low bone density with a higher risk of broken bones, reproductive issues in females such as egg binding, and overall decrease in health. Almost all avian veterinarians recommend a diet that is 75-80% formulated pellets (Harrisons or Zupreem), 20-25% fresh healthy veggies and fruits, and only a small amount of seeds and nuts as treats or training tools. This will help your bird's overall health dramatically

Mixing greens is ok. Mixing fats and fruits

2011-03-09 13:53:05 by VeganWoman

Less so. So the traditional Fruit and Nuts snack might not work well for you because of the fats in the nuts and the sugars in the fruits.
Personally, I have to really be careful of seeds like flax seeds and sugars.
Your body will adjust if you go slowly. Some people need to increase the veggies and fruits SLOWLY because they used to eat a diet practically devoid of fiber and their intestines have to get aclimated.

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Getting Fat on Fruit (Before and After)‪
Granola soaking nuts and seeds
Granola soaking nuts and seeds
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