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High protein fruits are easy to find if you know where to look. Protein is broken down in your stomach during digestion, by enzymes called proteases. The purpose of this process is to give your body amino acids. High protein fruits should appeal to vegetarians in particular since they worry about getting enough protein in their diet. An attractive point to eating high protein fruits is the fact that they are low both in calories and fat. They're also rich in nutrients that are essential to maintenance, growth and body development. Not many people are aware of the presence of good amounts of protein in the following fruits.

1. High Protein Fruit: Avocado

The avocado is the first high protein fruit to include in your diet. Although it's often incorrectly labeled as a vegetable, an avocado is really a fruit. It is a rich source of other nutrients besides protein. It provides zinc, folic acid and fiber. Unlike other fruits, an avocado is a source of fats that are healthy for your heart. If there is one downside to an avocado, it is that its calorie content is relatively high. The amount of protein found in avocados is richer than that found in cow's milk. The protein in an avocado is more useful than that found in cooked steak, because cooked protein is not available to your liver. Your liver is the organ that makes all the protein in your body.

2. Peaches

Peaches are the second high protein fruit to include in your diet. One large, raw peach provides 2 grams of protein. Peaches are also high in other nutrients like vitamin C, vitamin A and fiber. If there is one downside to peaches, it is that intolerance or peach allergy may develop in some people. This is mainly due to the high content of protein found in peaches. People will know they have a peach allergy if they experience local symptoms like contact urticaria or systemic symptoms such as anaphylaxis. If people find themselves allergic, it is due to the freshness of peaches. They can, therefore, solve this problem by eating canned or peeled peaches.

3. Figs

Dried figs are particularly high in protein. It is important to differentiate between fresh figs and dried figs. The content of protein in dried figs can be several times higher than in mere fresh figs. Athletes also know to eat a lot of figs for their nutritional properties. In addition to protein, figs contain fiber, potassium and calcium. Figs are a great snack due to how they taste and because eating them provides you with some of your daily intake requirements of fiber.


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Excess Dietary Protein Can Adversely Affect Bone

2012-07-07 10:29:36 by _says_Nutrition_Doctors

Excess Dietary Protein Can Adversely Affect Bone
Excerpt from this detailed report:
"The average American diet, which is high in protein and low in fruits and vegetables, generates a large amount of acid, mainly as sulfates and phosphates. The kidneys respond to this dietary acid challenge with net acid excretion, as well as ammonium and titratable acid excretion. ... We conclude that excessive dietary protein from foods with high potential renal acid load adversely affects bone, unless buffered by the consumption of...

Diet has too much protein, not enough fat, and

2013-01-22 06:09:23 by AZ_Dude

Not enough vegetables.
Numerous studies have shown that athletes, body builders, etc. need more protein than average, but they don't need much more.
One study showed no difference in lean muscle mass for body builders that ate 0.4 grams/lb a day vs 1 gram/lb per day.
At 180 lbs you don't need any more than 140 grams of protein a day and would probably see the same results eating only 70-80 grams.
Eating more protein than you need does NOT improve muscle mass. Your body simply turns the excess into sugar (glucose) and in the process uses up calcium. Excess protein causes a negative calcium balance, even if you take calcium supplements

Fruits and veggies are supposed

2013-04-22 12:41:10 by CSYCP

To be really healthy for you and I think that the people who consume them on a reg basis are most likely healthy and not overweight....the cavemen ate berries, and chicken and most likely existed on what was available to live....excellent diet because there is protein in plant food and it is much more difficult to become overweight if one ate an apple for lunch and salad and more fruit for dinner etc....I would imagine.....

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