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Fruit intolerance

Fruit Intolerance Information

A fruit intolerance is when a person experiences an adverse response after eating certain types of fruit. A person may be intolerant to only a few very specific fruits or a larger group of fruits (such as citrus fruit, for example.) This can make it somewhat difficult for an individual to determine if he or she actually has a fruit intolerance.

The negative fruit intolerance response often varies from person-to-person and different people experience different issues. If you have an immune intolerance, your symptoms will be highly individual. If you have a digestive fruit intolerance, symptoms generally include stomach pain, nausea, vomiting and various other problems. Not every person experiences the same symptoms or the same severity of symptoms. This is true of many food intolerances.

Fruit intolerance symptoms are often very individual. One person may experience a completely different response from another person who is intolerant to the same foods.

A food intolerance is separate from a food allergy. Allergy symptoms can be quite severe and generally appear shortly after a person eats the offending food. Intolerance symptoms are less severe and there is a delay between eating a specific food and experiencing symptoms. This is an important difference to note.

A fruit intolerance can be caused by a number of different fruits including apples, bananas, cherries, cranberries, grapefruits, lemons, limes, mangoes, peaches, pears, pineapples, strawberries, tangerines and many other fruits. Certain fruits may give a person trouble while other fruits can be eaten without issue. It depends on the individual.

One of the most common conditions that can be responsible for a digestive fruit intolerance is an inability to properly absorb fruit sugar (or fructose.) Fructose occurs in fruits as well as in some other foods.

This condition is sometimes known as “fructose malabsorption” or "dietary fructose intolerance." When a person is unable to properly absorb fruit sugar, it can lead to several issues and negative reactions.

It is important to differentiate digestive fruit intolerances and fructose malabsorption from fruit allergies, fructose allergies and a condition known as “hereditary fructose intolerance.” These conditions often cause immediate, severe symptoms that can even be life-threatening. Fruit intolerance symptoms are not life-threatening and they are often delayed.

Digestive Fruit Intolerance Symptoms

As mentioned earlier, fruit intolerance symptoms vary by person. There is no typical list of fruit intolerance symptoms that each person will experience. Food intolerance symptoms can sometimes occur several hours after eating the item that a person has an intolerance to. They can even appear days later in some cases. This can make it difficult for someone with a food intolerance (such as a fruit intolerance) to figure out which foods are causing issues without assistance.


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Wheat intolerance here

2008-03-12 21:33:44 by Livnrtnlovnlife

When I started doing Atkins I gave up all grains. When I tried adding back in wheat in any amount I got some pretty bad reactions from my body. I don't have a medical diagnosis of allergies, intolerance or celiac. But my body does tell me I probably shouldn't eat them.
Have you looked into Atkins? If you don't need to loose weight the maintenance phase would work well to keep the grains out of your diet. Basically eating lots of vegetables, pure proteins, fruit and healthy fats.

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