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Fruit should have a prominent place at your morning meal.Fruit should have a prominent place at your morning meal.

If your breakfast consists of a cup of coffee and a banana, you’re missing the mark. The importance of the morning meal can be found in the word itself -- it “breaks the fast” and replenishes your body with energy and nutrients after a long night’s sleep. Understanding the components of a healthy breakfast is crucial for building a better breakfast -- and while fruit is a healthy choice, it shouldn’t be the only food that fills your empty stomach.

A Better Breakfast

To build a balanced breakfast, recommends filling your plate with complex carbohydrates, fiber, protein and some healthy fat. Complex carbohydrates come from whole-grain breads and cereals, which also deliver a healthy dose of fiber. To fill up on protein, choose low-fat dairy products, like skim milk and low-fat yogurt and cheese. Protein can also come from lean meats, eggs and peanut butter. Fruits and vegetables should finish the meal, as they’re excellent sources of minerals, vitamins and fiber.

Fruit’s Benefits

Fruit is packed with vitamins and minerals, which help keep the body functioning at its optimal level. The sweet treats are also filled with fiber, which helps promote normal digestive patterns and contributes to lower cholesterol levels. When choosing fruit, select fresh or unsweetened frozen varieties when possible. Although canned fruits will suffice in a pinch, they tend to be a bit higher in sugar and sodium. Some fruit juices are also filled with sugar and sodium, so always check the nutrition label before gulping a glass.

Quick and Easy Ideas

A healthy breakfast is possible even if you’re running out the door in the morning. Top a whole-wheat pancake or waffle with peanut butter and bananas for an easy treat to enjoy on your morning commute. Or, stuff a whole-wheat pita pocket with egg whites, cherry tomatoes, bell peppers and feta cheese. If you eat breakfast at the office, choose plain oatmeal topped with low-fat yogurt and fresh fruit. A fruit smoothie is another great idea, as it only takes a few minutes to blend before you’re out the door. Combine low-fat yogurt with fresh or frozen fruit, a handful of spinach and a splash of skim milk. Either toss a spoonful of wheat germ into the mix or pair the smoothie with whole-wheat toast to round out the meal.

If You Have More Time

If you have a bit more time to get ready in the morning, spend a few extra minutes preparing your morning meal. Use a whole-wheat tortilla to make a morning pizza topped with salsa, diced veggies, black beans and a sprinkle of cheddar cheese. Diced veggies can also be mixed into scrambled eggs or egg white omelets, while spinach leaves and cucumber slices can be tucked into a breakfast sandwich.


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Good diet for weight loss.

2013-02-04 04:12:27 by spunkyrose1938

The reason you are hungry all the time is because the severe diet you have created for yourself.
When I am in weight losing mode,which is pretty much all the time. I am never hungry. I am pretty active but 74 years old, so I gear my diet to that. I am also diabetic but very healthy
otherwise. For breakfast I have a combination of nuts and dried fruit. I use pecans,
walnuts, almonds, which I toast, prunes, apricots which I cut up, and dried cranberries. I have
1/2 cup of this mixture. The nuts are high in protein, the fruit provides a little seetness, vitamins and minerals

Quick rules for the GD diet

2006-12-15 13:36:36 by JoannKB

-Whenever you eat a starch/carb, combine it with the equivalent amount (or more) of protein.
-Eat 5-6 small meals throughout the day. You can eat a lot overall, but no huge meals at one time.
-Eat protein for breakfast and mid-morning snack. Save your carbs for later in the day. Do not have fruit, juice or milk for breakfast. Milk and fruit are OK later in the day, but not on an empty stomach.
-No refined sugars, no fruit juice or other sweet drinks, no sweet sauces.
-When you do eat carbs, go for high fiber/whole grains rather than processed white stuff.

The diet forum can be very helpful to you.

2011-08-24 19:59:12 by speakingbluntly

They can tell you how many calories to eat each day. If you don't want to count calories (I never did), they can also help.
Tell them what you like to eat and they can give you typical breakfasts, lunches and dinners to have.
Generally you can pretty much have as much as you want of fresh vegetables, other than corn which is starchy. Fruits are not created equal. Many fruits are pretty high in calories in small amounts. Look up grapes for instances. 'Safe' fruits are an apple, an orange, a small serving of melons, berries.
My suggestions:
Breakfast: egg/dry toast/fruit

Thanks for the info....

2009-06-20 07:40:10 by MyThreeCents

Yes, I know about raw food stuff. I've sometimees leaned a bit in that direction in terms of my eating, but I think I did not add enough "green" into my diet other than salads.
But that does give me an idea. I used to have cmoothies every morning for breakfast, fruit that I would add brown rice protein powder to, and at one point I went through a phase where I added a supergreenfood into the mix as well. I was pretty healthy during that time now that I think about it. I bet it would be helpful to the iron situation too.

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