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Detox Diaries: My Three-Day "Fruit Flush"
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When I think "detox, " I think torture. In a frantically dramatic fashion I picture myself trapped inside a grass hut yogi den for days on end with a bunch of highfalutin' hippies dry brushing each other between massive gulps of kale smoothies. Thanks, but no thanks.

So when my co-workers and I were assigned to follow and write about our journeys on detailed detox diets, I thought about ways I could a) come up with a really good excuse for not participating (Death in the family? No, I can't cry on cue. I'm pregnant? Nah, too hard to fake.) or b) find the easiest, quickest detox known to yuppiedom. Because really, who else starves for fun except yuppies?

Due to the fact that I am rational on most days, and that with serious consideration my vanity likes the idea of clearer skin and perhaps dropping a dress size, I chose option "b, " which lead me to Jay Robb's "Fruit Flush" -- a detox promising to purge my body of toxins, help me "regain peace of mind, " and (my favorite part) "lose up to nine pounds in three days." Three days?! I can totally do this, I thought, as I laughed evilly at my waif of a 97-pound co-worker Sarah, who signed on for a 21-day detox diet. And yum, I get to eat fruit. Let's bang this thing out.


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Please help her to lose weight.

2007-09-04 14:12:40 by LaughingPrimate

For her health, if nothing else.
Once she starts losing significantly, like once she drops 30 pounds,m she will feel so much better, it will be so much easier for her to move and haul her corpus around, that she will be motivated to lose more.
One very easy diet is to drink smoothies all day long, nothing else. Throw in bananas, blueberries, any other fruit, some soy protein powder, flax oil and psyllium husks, excellent nutrition, weight will come off.
Good luck.
255 is a ridiculous weight, no human should weigh that much. It's morbidly obese.

When you need to lose weight

2008-09-06 21:41:07 by daniellejlawr

Quickly - fruits are really particular. They are a good snack but since they have so much sugar in them, natural but still sugar, you can overeat fruits and consume more than you should. The only reason I know this is what i've learned from LAWeightloss. 1/2c. of 100% fruit juice is the equivalent to 1 piece of fruit (4oz. in weight). A lot of hollywood people do a strict protein & veggie diet - esp. those women who had babies. Protein & veggies helps you lose weight fast. Fruit is good when you need energy first thing in the morning and/or right before a workout.

The secret to lose weight....!!!!

2009-10-24 00:58:19 by fritzi

I tried it and it works as a charme....
just dont buy the fast food crap anymore. if you have nothing at home, you cant eat it.
fill your fridge with 'regular' food (veggies, meat, fruit,), skip the coke and drink water, go for a walk in the evening and you will lose weight.
you dont need diet pills and all that crap. the only thing that needs to change is your eating behaviour.

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