Fruit diet that work

The Fruit diet
Make a 1200 Calorie Diet Work for You - DIETING DIETS - What

And please tell me how it is you burned 21, 000 calories in 4 days?

*Edit: insert sarcasm above^ I'm well aware to burn that many calories in 4 days is impossible.

She is dehydrated. Those six pounds are not six pounds of fat, we know that would be physically impossible. The scale reflects far more than fat (water, glycogen stores, muscle).

Any extreme diet, such as this one, is unhealthy and leads to rebound weight gain. I'm guessing the calorie intake is extremely low - that, too, will lead to metabolic slowdown, fatigue, chills, confusion, irritability, etc...

The way to do it right, to have one's results last, is to lose weight sensibly and slowly.

EDIT: smwhipple, you are correct. Altered.

Whoa...time to ask questions rather than declare that someone is sick.

jasminerbts, what fruits are you eating? How many calories are you eating a day? Are you taking nutritional supplements?

While most of the first 6 lbs is most likely water it is true that people do tend to lose weight more quickly when they first start a cleaner diet without junk food.

How many calories per day are you eating?

Are you eating any vegetables?

Are you eating grains?

What are you doing for protein?

=^..^= MOLLY

eep! I don't think this fruit diet is very healthy, and from the looks of others peoples comments, they agree. Perhaps there is more to the "fruit diet" than just fruit? Those pounds must look amazing right now, but at this rate, it unfortunately, will not be eaisly sustained.

I've never heard of the 'fruit diet'... but if it's JUST eating fruit and nothing else, no wonder the OP is losing weight so fast - I'm just surprised that they were able to get out of the bathroom long enough to post. :P

Eating fruit is a great substitute for sugary junk food and it could produce a massive calorie-cut (lovely naturally-sweet 100-calorie fresh pear instead of a 1000 calorie cup of M&Ms), but you have to eat real food too...

I think the most of the people here are to share and find motivation from others, or ask questions, whatever, Im sure everybody tries to find the right diet, even if you are starting a new healthy life, jasminerbts is happy because she already saw 4 pounds less in the scale, she is not an expert now, and I know we are start without knowing anything about healthy foods etc, so give the girl a brake, and keep her motivate it instead of telling her that is just water weight and is unhealthy for her......

The OP didn't give any details, except that it is a "fruit diet" and they had lost 6lbs in 4 days. While others can say it better than some, I think the point everyone was trying to make is that based on what was posted, what she is doing isn't healthy and that it's most likely that those 6 lbs dropped was not fat, but merely water weight. And not to expect this to continue at this rate, because if it does, it won't be healthy or safe for her. I feel the purpose of making lifestyle changes is to drop the extra fat our body carries and live healthier. I think what people were mainly trying to point out was that you need to lose weight the healthy way and your body NEEDS certain nutrients. Eating fruit alone is not sufficient. Original Post by baby15:

so give the girl a brake, and keep her motivate it instead of telling her that is just water weight and is unhealthy for her......


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There are several answers that might work,

2005-05-09 12:52:01 by spank_me_plz

And some of them work in conjunction with the others. Here are the most commonly recommended things:
1. His diet. A diet high in red meat and low in fruit makes for nasty cum.
2.You: make sure his dick is far enough back in your mouth to miss the taste buds, and swallow immediately as he ejaculates.
As for the psychological, no one but you can fix that.
Good luck to you!

I am of the group of thought that it's diet

2008-03-10 16:14:46 by -

granted there are many experiences in people's lives that shape who they are, but should that affect how well they cope? why is it some people cope with the most horrific experience, but others can't? is it just genetics? i believe it is also diet.
i have tried positive thinking, placebo, prayer, and it's come down to diet for me.
i take an omega 3 pill EVERYDAY, a multi-vitamin, milk thistle (liver detox), extra B5 for depression, and 4 ounces of protein at every meal along with 8 ounces of vegetables, fruit, legumes, or rice, and have totally given up grains and sugar

Been there, done that., didn't work.

2008-01-11 15:02:32 by snimral

Seen plenty of others too.
All gained back the weight and then some.
I don't that losing weight per se is a viable objective. Learning to like good food is.
But I agree that the pizza has to go from the regular diet.
The doc said cut out **fruit juice**(yes! fruit juice! same sugar content as pop) white rice, potatoes, any refined grain foods like semolina spaghetti. Did that and nothing else, and lost 15 of my 30 excess pounds practically overnight, never gained it back. It was pretty painless. Now I practically live on brown rice and goodies for flavor, and I'm stable at 15 lb overweight

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