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ACAI Diet Review – The Super Fruit For Weight Loss
What Is the Yogurt Diet? (with pictures)

The acai berry is a fruit of the acai palm tree whose natural habitat is in south and Central America. The color of the fruit is red and purple.

The acai berry is a super fruit packed with nutrients, antioxidants and essential oils that are beneficial for a healthy body and a great immune booster. Antioxidants are good for anti-aging, brain rejuvenation and cancer prevention.

It’s not in dispute that essential oils, like Omega-3, in the acai berry do boost the immunity of the body. A good immune system fights off diseases and therefore maintains a healthy body. These combined with weight loss boost makes the acai berry fruit an important addition to a healthy diet. This is achieved by reducing appetite and increasing energy levels.

In its raw form, the acai berry can easily be added to breakfast cereals, yogurts and ice creams.

However for ease of distribution and consumption, supplements are produced from the acai berry fruit. These contain the same health benefits as acai berry fruit but in a capsule and powder forms or juice in ready to drink beverages. One of these supplements for weight loss is the Acai Plus+ Extreme Acai Berry Complex.

For the best health results one should take supplements made from 100% acai berry fruit base. Anything less than 100% is unlikely to achieve the intended health results of weight loss and of a slimmer healthier body.

The supplement provides a safe, fast and easy way to loose weight. One need not worry about any kind of illness in the process of losing weight. Acai berry supplements are available in chewable tablets and those that easily dissolve when in contact with saliva in the mouth .A user should choose whichever tablets and that are convenient to their needs.

A regular dietary supplement of acai berry fruit will improve general health but this has to be combined with eating a balanced diet and regular physical exercise.

When purchasing supplements, choose those manufactured by a reputable manufacturer and check the ingredients information on the packaging which should be 100% from the acai berry fruit base. This product is one of the best: 100% Pure Acai Berry but you should also check out this one: Pure Acai Berry.

The addition of acai berry supplement in a diet should improve the user’s health in great way without undue worry of health risk.

As in all food and supplements each individual body reacts differently .There are persons who suffer food and supplements allergies.


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Anyone tried the cabbage soup diet?

2008-02-13 19:29:11 by dieter-here----

Though, I'm not exactly following it. I hate cabbage, and reviews say that it's not really necessary to have cabbage, just to eat really few calories.
So so far...I have had:
1 serving of soup - 100 calories
hummus and pita - 45 + 130 calories
1 apple - 72 calories
I will have a glass of milk, another serving of soup, and another piece of fruit before bed.
I am craving everything I can't eat. GRRRRR and DH keeps talking about Macaroni Grill and Olive Garden, and now all I can think of is the yummmmy breadsticks.
Anyone else in the same boat?

Reviews written by who?

2008-02-13 19:44:41 by -_-

It's specific. I forget the exact outline, something like:
day 1 - fruit only, and all the soup you can take
day 2 - veggies only, one baked potato, soup..
day 3 and 4 - X oz's meat, veggies, soup ...
day 5 - bananas and skim milk and soup
day 6 - fruit and veggies and soup
day 7 - brown rice and fruit juice, and soup
There's a method to the set-up. It's not simply "low cal," if that were the case everyone that cut down their cal count drastically would lose mega weight like you do on the CS diet.

Cleanse reviews?

2009-08-11 11:31:07 by chubbyfunster

Hey guys! So, my sister is getting married Saturday and I need to fit into my brides maid dress (I bought a 2 last summer and im now a 4-6) I'm going to be doing somewhat of a raw diet for next few days, but does anyone know of any good weight loss cleansing products out there that will help me shed a few pounds before the weekend? So far, I'm eating lots of fruit, melon and brown rice and drinking nothing but water; and of course working out.
Any tips of how I can get into this dress quick, please let me know!

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