Fruit diet for Teenagers

How to Improve Your Diet for Teens: 18 Steps (with Pictures)
Teenage Girl Eating Fresh Fruit Salad — Stock Photo © Monkey Do not eat when you are not hungry! If you get the need to crunch or chew food when you are not hungry, eat something low in calories such as fruit or gum. Ask someone like a parent to stop you from over-eating. Drink at least 4 to 8 glasses of water a day, depending on how active you are, and how hot it is at your location. It curbs hunger, makes you feel better and makes your skin glow! Check food labels. Eat foods that are low in calories and carbohydrates. Although carbohydrates can help you think better and they fuel the nervous system and power fat metabolism. Avoid saturated and trans fat (which leads to weight gain). Eat foods that have vitamins and minerals in them. Protein, fiber, and iron are all good for you. If you can't read an ingredient or if you've never heard of it, most likely it is not good for you. Do not go under 1200 calories a day for an extended period. Know how to respond to binges. If you have a pig-out and want to burn off the calories you just consumed, go for a brisk walk or any other physical activity. Also, eat a nutritious meal after a pig-out. Alternatively, if you are tempted to binge, try eating something nutritious beforehand. By the time you finish this initial food, you may change your mind. Always eat a good, hearty breakfast! Do not think that skipping breakfast will make you lose weight! In fact, eating breakfast kick-starts your metabolism, which leads to more weight loss. Breakfast will also help you to concentrate and eat less throughout the day. Eat your dinner earlier (in between 4:30 and 6:30) so that you can burn off some of the calories you consumed. Fill up half your plate with veggies. Limit your intake on sweets. Too much isn't good for you but a little once in a while is okay.


Avoid fast food and junk food (French fries, pizza, etc.) It's only okay once in a while, but if you keep buying junk food, learn to overcome it


Eat only until you are satisfied. Do not over stuff yourself. If you are given a ton of food on your plate, don't feel obligated to eat it all.


Try to avoid stress or learn to deal with it. Stress will cause pig-outs.


Try to replace things you usually eat with something healthier. If you're reaching for a handful of chips, force yourself to stop, and go grab an apple instead. (Note: this can be easier said than done.)


Avoid large quantities of sugar. Avoid eating chocolate and crisps first thing in the morning. This can make you lose your concentration and you won't be able to concentrate at school. And you may get headaches.


Every time you go to put something in your body, ask yourself: "Is this going to improve my health, or harm it?" If the answer is the second one, you know what to do.


You should also ask yourself WHY you are eating something before you eat it. If the answer isn't "It's time for lunch/dinner/breakfast and I'm hungry, " PUT IT BACK.


If you have a very sugary diet, you may get a Sugar Withdrawal Headache. These are tough to deal with and hurt a lot, so if you can't just ignore it, keep a single Hershey bar (or other candy bar) in your locker a week. Eat a single square when you get a headache and it'll help. Make sure it doesn't melt, or you'll end up tricking yourself into eating more than one "square" (melted lump). Remember to change it out about once a week, or it'll get moldy and make you sick. Even if there's some left.


Soda and fruit drinks contribute most calories to teen diets.: An article from: Food & Drink Weekly
Book (Informa Economics, Inc.)

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Health wise?

2011-09-23 08:58:44 by peanutbutter22

Ask him to take a walk or a bike ride, it can be a 20 minute break, daily. That's enough to get him fresh air and maintain general health.
Posture may be suffering because of the computer setup. Check the chair height, chair back, keyboard at the right height - make it easy for him to sit up right, or at least not impossible to sit up right.
Make sure he is getting vegetables, fruit and protein. And get vitamin supplements. I get the colorful ones with shapes: silly but the teenagers laugh and take them instead of forgetting. High school gives out a lot of candy here, so it is hard to control the percent of sugar in the diet: thus supplements

Check out fitday

2002-09-25 23:27:55 by rawyogi

There's a free website called that allows you to enter your age, height, and weight, and then the foods you ate for the day, to determine the nutritional value of your day's diet. It will tell you the calories consumed, the percentages of fat/protein/carbohydates, the vitamin and mineral content of the day's food.
Your friend should try the website to make sure her daughter's are getting sufficient nutrition.
From your description of your friend's daughter's diet, they are eating lettuce, broccoli, and carrots, which qualify as vegetables. With a diet of 80% fruit and some leafy greens like lettuce, these daughter's will have better nutrition and nourishment than most American teenagers because their diet is low in fat, processed foods, animal and dairy products, but...

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