Fruit diet for a week

Will A Fruit Diet For One Week Cause Weight Loss?

Fruit can be good for you, but bad for losing weight. Photo Credit fruit. dish of fruit image by L. Shat from

It seems as though you can't buy groceries anymore without seeing three magazines at the checkout that promise fast weight loss if you just eat more of one food, or less of another. Generally, it is best to leave this kind of diet advice in the impulse-buy aisle. A diet consisting entirely or mostly of fruit has more problems than advantages when it comes to losing weight.

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Losing weight is a matter of burning more calories through activity than you take in when you eat. This makes your body burn fat to make up for the extra energy demand. When it comes to diet, you can help achieve this energy imbalance by eating less food, eating foods with fewer calories, or both.

Fruits are often thought of as health foods, and rightly so. Fruits are high in nutrition, low in harmful fat and come in a variety of shapes, colors and sizes. Fruits are so good for you that they represent more of Dr. Stephen Pratt's "superfoods" list than any other category of food. However, fruits are high in calories as compared to vegetables, meats and dairy. This can make them counterproductive choices when it comes to losing weight.

A week is not much time for losing weight. Health counselor Maya Paul advises that weight loss of just 1 or 2 pounds is a lot to expect from a one-week diet initiative. Further, fast weight loss usually comes from eating foods that are notably low in calories, and especially low in carbohydrates. Neither of these conditions accurately describes fruit.

Nutritionist and chef Monica Reinagel, host of "The Nutrition Diva, " advises one way in which a fruit diet can foster rapid weight loss. Diets based on limiting food choices often mean losing weight because people tend to eat less when they have fewer options available for eating. Even in this category, though, fruit fares poorly because of its wide variety. Limiting yourself to eating only fruit still leaves many choices.

Because of its high calorie content and wide variety, there are few ways a fruit diet could lead to rapid weight loss. This doesn't mean that fruit shouldn't be a part of your daily nutrition. It just means that weight loss plans begin with other food choices.


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Toddlers and Tiaras, I don't know why

2009-10-24 19:16:51 by -

I watch this shit sometimes.
This FAT mom tells her normal sized 10 year old she needs to go on a veggie and fruit diet for a week so that she can lose weight to fit into her $1200 gown. Come on! I just want to go over there and slap her.
Thank god the Grandma has some semblance of a brain and tells her it's ridiculous and gives the poor kid some food.

Edited diet with extra information

2013-06-08 09:00:03 by reply2post

Can't edit the OP so appending as a reply.
Here's my diet that I am following (3-4 weeks)
Early Morning - a cup of sprouts (protein + carbs)
Morning - protein shake(milk) + vitamins, enzymes etc. (protein)
lunch - protein shake (milk) (protein)
supper - a fruit (carbs)
dinner - protein shake (milk) (protein)
night - cottage cheese + fruit (protein+slow carbs)
total water intake - 3-4 liters.
Here's the excercise regime for (3-4 weeks)
6 cardio workout sessions of 40 minutes each/week - cycling, rowing, running, tabata training, circuits etc

I would cut out one thing for a week.

2009-01-24 20:51:25 by --------

Eating too much of certain foods, for too long, like eggs everyday, can cause an allergy. The healthiest way to eat is meat and veggies. Organic Free-Range eggs are great a few times each week. Cut down or out on sugary fruit and grains. Berries are the healthiest fruit and lowest in sugar. Cut out vegetable oils, except for olive oil. Replace table salt with Real Salt. Don't use processed milk or products using it. Never use Aspartame, diet cokes, etc.
The body needs Omega 3's and most fish is mercury toxic, so buy quality Krill or Fish oil in the bottle. Vitamin D is important. Vitamin A is easy to get, but not D

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