Fruit diet for a months

Experiences on the Fruitarian Diet

– October 3,2012Health,Juicing,Nutrition

By Claude Vigneault (a HappyCow member)


Recently I went from vegan to fruitarian,this is my personal experience of a 6 months fruitarian diet,my set goal is one year. I do not present what follows as a guide into the world of fruitarianism nor do I yet suggest it constitutes the one and only diet,the ideal diet,I don’t know yet. When questioning or altering our diet,I believe we must not only consider nutritionists points of view,but above all carefully listen to our body,and as time goes by,possibly modify quantities and varieties,observing on the way what could constitute bad mixes and good mixes for us under such or such circumstances,being receptive to our bodies’ feedbacks but at the same time considering that our body is undergoing changes,that it is regenerating and adapting,as in this case,to digest only living food,hence some temporary discomforts may be normal and worth enduring.I have to say that I would have come up with a better scientific study if I could have kept some variables more constant,like sleep time,exercises,etc… however this experience did change some of my views and I am closer to reach some conclusions. I accepted to share this experience here with the thought that maybe it can shed some light on aspects of what may happen when switching to a fruitarian diet,maybe some people who read this will relate to some points or maybe it will bring some questionings and answers that perhaps can help or inspire a few to take some decisions and to become more alert and careful,in view of what constitutes natural food for us,and what is more alien to our body.

Some fruitarians who will read about my experience,my diary,may be offended that I called myself a fruitarian even in the starting period when I did include some leaves,coconut,etc… I am very well aware of those shortcomings and use the term fruitarian here more to designate the fruitarian journey itself. My goal of one year should start at the point where I truly became a strict fruitarian.I have not come to this point from a challenge,I am simply experimenting,observing,feeling and trying to find ways to reconnect to some degrees with where I truly belong in the natural order,how I should relate to it,eliminating habits that alienates me from it,by first keeping outside of our society’s food industry,getting back to some basics and to simplicity. This study is far from a complete picture but it may incite some to do further researches,to seek out comments and advices from more experienced fruitarians…

For that one year period,I decided to have a limited use of soap,shampoo,and toothpaste and this is all very well as fruitarians’ body do not exude bad smell and teeth escape the types of food that are reputedly most detrimental to them; I wish I would be familiar with types of fruits that could be alternatives to soaps and toothpaste,I need to do more researches,I know only that tamarind can replace soap. I also avoid all other body care products such as sunscreens,mosquito repellents,etc… and I made a firm point of not taking any medicine (except for fruits) during that one year for any reason.


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Define what vegan diet meant for

2011-12-01 18:13:57 by MyThreeCents

You these past three months? Give us a few samples of a day or two worth of what you ate.
I'm curious if you simply replaced meat with fake substitutes or really learned to cook and eat tons of fresh vegetables and fruit using little bits of olive oil and fresh herbs for flavor kind of thing or was it just french fries all around, LOL.
Also, eating lot of pastas or potatoes, even though they are vegan isn't a healthy anything else, there can be healthy vegan diets and unhealthy ones....

I slowed down for a couple months

2010-08-12 18:29:56 by Soulbeckett

I feel strong now but I was tired all the time for a bit plus I had two bouts with fever a month apart.I didn't shop downtown much and that altered my diet also.
I really think it was no olive oil,some junk food, not enough fruit and veggies and too many eggs along with much less exercise.
I mostly cocooned.
Yesterday I walked all the way back from the hospital in a circuitous fashion to check out pet stores pricing and to walk among the public to see what they were doing.
I might be getting use to more of that in the future

Had him for ie 6 months -- eats better than me

2010-01-02 15:35:27 by joe_ravioli

We've had him since he was a little bugger, probably only a 4-6 weeks/ month+ olde
he eats well
the generic bag of hamster food
greens, carrots, lettuce, apples,
daily etc
he has more fruit & veggies than the rest of our family
the other hamsters eat the same & all are well & lively
don't give him vitamins, etc
his diet should be pretty good as is

I tried a fruitarian diet

2003-12-05 17:59:02 by sic

For about two months. Eating green leaves I found essential to my well-being, so I had to give it up.
I could replace the apples in the basket for living carrots, would it change anything?
Apples are also alive. Should I not eat them? Am I somehow intruding to do so? I don't see how it suffers in the least.
I posted this freely-given fruit idea reluctantly. I don't really buy teleological arguments. The purpose of the apple and the cow are not provided in advance. Your heart muscle isn't made to pump your blood, it comes to be in a synergistic struggle to extend its influence

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