Does the Fruit Diet Work

How Does the Fruit Diet Work?
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Does it work? Your "list" or diet I mean

2009-09-18 10:02:43 by miniaussi

If it works for you and you are able to lose weight or stay healthy on it then I wouldnt "hate it". It just wouldnt work for me.... I found that I REALLY over eat and cant seem to stop myself when it comes to starchy carbs like bread, pasta, and rice. When I make rice, before I can even eat one bite I am already starting to think about seconds, and thirds, and I cant seem to stop. The is no "portion controll" for me when it comes to these kinds of foods. That is why I cut them out completely. I limit my fruit a little just cuz I dont want too much sugar in my diet, thats all. But I am all about REAL whole foods

How Does the Atkins Diet Work
How Does the Atkins Diet Work
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Does the Sprinkle Diet Work?
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