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Your Natural Diet: Alive Raw Foodsby T. C. Fry and David KleinQuestions and Answers1. Q: I know that you´ve said that fruits are adequate in protein, having on average as much as a mother´s milk. But i have heard that if we eat extra protein as in nuts, seeds, vegetables, we´ll do much better. Is this true?

A: I cannot definitely answer you. I can point out that the experiments in South Africa incorporated nuts into the regimen with apparent benefit. Vegetables have about four times the protein the protein as fruits but, but eaten raw with the proteins intact, its a case of how much you can derive from cellulose encased nutrients. If you steam them conservatively, its a question of how much the proteins are deranged while being conservatively cooked. On the other side, its a question if steaming, which bursts most of the cellulose membranes, makes yet more proteins available in utile condition.

Nuts and seeds are both storage forms of protein and fats. When you get the one, you get the other. My own experience with myself and hundreads of those who write in is inconclusive. Most who write to me say they are not able to handle nuts very well. Some even speak of adverse results. some can tolerate seeds, but not nuts. Personally i love nuts and seeds and can handle both very well. Go ahead and eat vegetables, seeds and nuts if they agree with you.

2. Q: I am anursing mother. A fellow who knows my primarily fruit based diet says: "B-12 is needed by the body. Your diet doesnt have any. Your body cannot manufacture it. You cannot get it from non-meat sources." Ive been on this diet for a number of years and i dont buy hes line. What reply can i give this guy?

A: Your acquaintance has been misled by meat industry spokespeople, vitamin peddlers, "dietitians" and "nutritionists". First. the question might be asked: Where do vegetarian animals get B-12? they dont manufacture any either! And certainly grasses and the fare of vegetarian animals contains no vitamin B-12! Vitamin B-12 is so abundantly produced n bodies that it is hard to not get enough. We meet our needs amply for this vitamin from bacteria by-products generated by bacterial flora from the mouth all the way down and through the absorbing colon. According to Guyton´s Textbook of Medical Physiology, bacteria in the uper half of the colon creates ample vitamin B-12, vitamin K, thiamine and riboflavin. One milligram of B-12 will last us over two years, and healthy individuals carry around a five-year supply. Our needs are so minute, they are measured in picograms (billionths of a gram) and micrograms (millionths of a gram).

The fact that vegetarians and fruitarians carry less B-12 in their bloodstreams than meat eaters does not prove that we have inadequate amounts of B-12. We do not store this vitamin in our bloodstream but in the liver and other organs. We carry in our bloodstream only that which has been picked up from the colon (by intrinsic factor) and is earmarked for reserves, of which has been released from organs to meet our current needs. Meat eaters do carry more B-12 in their bloodstream. They probably need more too, in light of their handicap in partaking pathological diet. Also, because of the double source of B-12 from meats, putrefactive products and intestinal ferments and putrefaction, their bloodstreams are contaminated. Live in full confidence that Mother nature had things right for us to start with.


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Fruits & Veggies

2012-04-04 14:05:54 by Weight_2Lose

As you know, fruit and vegetables are important. They are essential building blocks of any diet. Not only are they loaded with vitamins and minerals, which are essential for healthy living, but they also help fill you up as part of a balanced diet. By increasing your intake of fruit and vegetables, your health will benefit and will boost your immune system up.

Mediterranean diet can help you live longer?

2004-09-28 06:08:26 by aussiechef

From the Los Angeles Times 9/27/04
By Melissa Healy
Times Staff Writer
Drizzle on the olive oil, uncork a bottle of wine, and hit the cobblestones — you may not only reach old age but extend it longer than most, a pair of European studies has concluded.
The new research represents yet another victory for those espousing a diet rich in vegetables, fruits, beans, fish and olive oil, washed down with a daily glass or two of wine. In one 10-year survey of elderly European men and women, researchers found that those who adhered to a "Mediterranean diet," did not smoke, drank moderately and remained physically active were about half as likely to die during the study period than those whose diets and lifestyles were less healthy

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