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The Top 10 Myths About Eating Fruit
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I’m literally shocked by the amount of confusion around nutrition that exists in the natural movement, especially the confusion surrounding the particular issues with eating fruit.

Fruit has universally been recognized as the healthiest food there is, yet it’s also the one natural food that’s vilified the most by many trends of the natural health and raw food movements. This of course started with the dangerous low-carb trend, which would like you to believe that eating slabs of butter on grilled steaks is actually healthier than eating the natural “sugar” in fruit.

This unscientific trend has also been picked up by the largest proportion of the raw food theorists, many of which go to the extreme of saying that eating lots of sweet fruit is actually unnatural and unhealthy.

Even the popular Hippocrates Health Institute has launched a fear campaign on eating fruit, claiming that fruit eating is responsible for the common health problems experienced by the majority of raw foodists.

It would not be an exaggeration to say that a lot of people in the raw food movement are actually scared of eating fruit. Literally.

So let’s take a look at the most common statements made about fruit, and bust them once and for all.

1-Eating too much fruit will cause symptoms of blood sugar problems.

It’s no secret that a proper, healthy raw food diet contains a lot of fruit. In fact, the quantity of fruit that I consume in one single day probably exceeds the quantity consumed by an average family on a weekly, if not monthly basis.

When people look at all that fruit, they’re suddenly afraid that eating so much of it will cause them health problems, the most common being cited is blood sugar issues.

I’ve known many people who are absolutely convinced that whenever they eat a lot of sweet fruit, their blood sugar “goes out of wack.” Their interpretation of what is happening to them is often “getting sudden energy, followed by a blood sugar crash.”

In other words, they compare their body’s response to eating fruit to a common response to stimulants such as alcohol or caffeine: a sudden stimulation followed by a depressed, “recovery” state.

In reality, in a fairly healthy individual, blood sugar will remain stable no matter how much fruit is eaten. I have tested this myself by testing my blood sugar throughout the day, and I found that it didn’t matter how many bananas I ate: my blood sugar remained normal throughout the day.


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They didn't eat fruits and vegetables

2013-05-12 19:00:55 by AZ_Dude

When you live somewhere that is snow and ice 8-10 months a year, there aren't a lot of fruit and veggies laying around.
They ate fat and meat.
I'm not saying that fruit and veggies are bad, or should be avoided, I'm just saying that it is totally possible to live a long healthy life WITHOUT eating them.
Your statement "It is so dangerous to the body to go on a low carb diet." is simply BS.
It has been proven numerous times that humans can survive without carbs and without any negative side effects as long as they get enough vitamins and minerals.

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