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Here’s what’s making health news this morning:

Not All Calories Are Equal, Study Shows (WSJ): A study comparing three diets found that the best one for keeping weight off while avoiding unwanted side effects is based on healthy carbohydrates such as fruit, vegetables, nuts and whole grains.

Wal-Mart Lags in Clinic Race (WSJ): Five years ago, Wal-Mart pledged to open as many as 2, 000 of these clinics in its stores by this year, but it only has 149 operating in the U.S. and closed 33 this year.

Walgreen, Others Offer Free HIV Tests in CDC Pilot (Reuters): Several Walgreen and other pharmacies are offering free and fast HIV tests under a $1.2 million pilot program funded by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, which aims to use lessons learned from testing to establish a model for detecting the virus.

FDA Hearing to Focus on Replacement Hips (New York Times): Better monitoring of all-metal substitute hips will be discussed during the two-day meeting following thousands of premature failures.

Shark Oil for HIV Shot Takes Cue From Hemingway’s Old Man (Bloomberg News): Novartis’s shark liver oil boosting agent is being added to Sanofi’s ALVAC vaccine in an attempt to maintain immunity longer.

New Rules Will Ban ER Debt Collections at Charitable Hospitals (Kaiser Health News/NPR): The U.S. Treasury released proposed new rules required by the 2010 health-care-overhaul law to guard patients against aggressive debt collection by nonprofit hospitals.

Doctors Should Screen All Adults for Obesity, U.S. Panel Says (Time’s Healthland blog): The U.S. Preventive Services Task Force recommended in the Annals of Internal Medicine that doctors measure all adults’ body mass index during physicals.


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And the medical data on what is the best diet

2007-05-04 22:14:49 by johnstuartmills0

For health purposes is pretty much a disaster. Surprise, Surprise people never tell the truth about what they actually ate on surveys - What woman is owning up to eating the entire box of ring dings as a snack?
Vegan diet has some positives going for it but at the moment it seems more likely than not that it is the presence of all those fruits and vegetables that are healthy rather than the absence of any meat.
Also the data is VERY strong that eating fish -especially fatty fishes - is very good for your health. Sardines are about the best - even better than salmon - because they are at the bottom of the food chain

Are you really on a Low Carb Diet?

2010-06-22 06:42:38 by erikcreature

For how long now? Do you eat bread, pasta, potatoes? Do you eat root crops: carrots, beets, radishes? Do you eat fruits or drink fruit juice? Do you read labels? Carbs: sugars and starches are everywhere! People tell me they are on a low carb diet, when it fact, they are just cutting back on carbs a little bit. The goal is zero carbs for fat loss. For exercise, get a Nordic Trac cross country skiing machine. (Check on CL, under sporting for sale. In my area someone is selling one, at least once a week, for under $100.00.) That is the best aerobic calorie burner, if you learn to use it and sprint, really go as fast as you can

None of those meats are necessarily diet foods.

2008-01-02 13:41:11 by cardamom

Those all can be extremely high calorie, depending on how they are prepared. Shrimp, chicken and even so-called "lean" beef have tons of cholesterol. In general, you're best loading up on fresh vegetables, fruits and minimally processed grains, and using lean protein sources in moderation.
Are you asking for other meats that could be prepared in a diet fashion? What type of diet are you trying to follow?

I disagree. Best solution for me was to ditch

2007-05-01 12:16:12 by the_dermatologist

And take a holistic approach, including leaving the drugstore counters behind.
I can say that anything a dermatologist had access to prescribe in the past 25 years or product on the market to clear up cystic acne, I've tried it, and it never did any good. Two years ago I "gave up" and went on a mission to alter my lifestyle.
Cut out processed foods from your diet and eat foods that are good for you (non-hormone poultry, dairy, vegs/fruits, water)
Exercise. De stress and find a relaxing hobby even if it's just watching the birds out your window for 20 minutes everyday

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