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What can you eat on the Sonoma Diet? What shouldn’t you eat? Here are the essential food lists to go by.

Power Foods

These foods have been dubbed "power foods" because of their nutritional value, and should be eaten often on the Sonoma Diet. These are in alphabetical and not priority order.
  • Almonds
  • Bell Peppers (all colors, possibly particularly red)
  • Blueberries
  • Broccoli
  • Grapes
  • Olive Oil (extra virgin preferred)
  • Spinach
  • Strawberries
  • Tomatoes
  • Whole Grains

Meats and Other Protein

On the Sonoma Diet, meats and other protein sources (such as soy and eggs) should be low in saturated fat and without extra breading or other sources of carbohydrate. This list includes which cuts of beef, pork, and poultry fit into these categories, as well as a complete list of approved protein foods. (This is the same protein list as the South Beach Diet.) List of Protein Foods Low in Saturated Fat


There are three "Tiers" of vegetables on the Sonoma Diet. Tier One includes all the vegetables on the regular low carb vegetable list except for artichokes, pea pods, chili peppers, and the six vegetables at the end of the list. For the first ten days, only Tier One vegetables are allowed. Tier Two Vegetables are essentially the the rest of the regular low carb vegetable list except for pea pods, but including beets. In Wave Two, one of these can be included daily. Tier Three Vegetables are the starchy ones, including winter squashes, corn, sweet potato (or yam), taro and peas (including pods). In Wave Two, one of these can also be included daily. Potatoes are not allowed in Wave One or Two.


No fruit in Wave One. In Wave Two, two servings of fruit per day are allowed, only one of which can be any of the following: banana, elderberry, fig, guava, jackfruit, jujube, mango, nectarine, passion fruit, peach, pear, persimmon, plantain, pomegranate. A serving is a small fruit or ½ cup fruit.

Page Two - More Food Lists for the Sonoma Diet

Page Three - Forbidden Foods on the Sonoma Diet


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Atkins ideas good but incomplete

2006-02-14 12:12:00 by unclemax

People who have responded already say they can't stay on the diet and that the diet is not healthy long term. These are valid responses.
Atkins was on the right track that it wasn't really fat in food causing most of the weight gain problems, but rather the carbs. However, he did not go on to differentiate between refined carbs and unrefined carbs. Refined carbs (sugar, flour products like bakery products or pasta, etc etc,
white rice, and milled corn) can cause a high insulin response to the high blood sugar spikes they can cause. High insulin packs fat onto the fat cells of the belly

Hush sweetie, hush:

2007-11-02 14:24:36 by DrWhatever

Avoid means avoid.
That gives me a good idea, but can you be more specific about what you can and can’t eat?
Each of the four blood types has a detailed list of foods that should be avoided and those that can be included. Here’s the lowdown…
Blood Group O
This is the most common blood group in the UK. Dr D’Adamo says that our digestive tract retains the memory of ancient times, and so type Os need to eat a typical hunter-gatherer type diet. In other words, type Os should follow a high-protein, low-carb diet with lots of meat and fish but no dairy products, wheat or grains

General principle

2010-09-17 16:38:30 by Frog_Barf

The voice of experience: Cut out carbohydrates as much as possible! If you do this, your blood sugar level may drop to an acceptable level without having to take insulin.
Carbohydrate-rich foods includebread and other baked goodsflour, even whole wheat and varietalcereals, both hot and coldpasta, including whole wheat, spinach, and pasta nerocakes, pies, cookies, pastriessoft drinksice creamthat sugar you put in tea or coffeepotatoes in all formsricecandyhoney, molasses, syrupsroot vegetables such as carrots and parsnips, maybe beetsUndoubtedly other forum members can add to this list, but those are probably the main ones

Restricted Foods on Atkins Diet
Restricted Foods on Atkins Diet
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Dietary Guidelines : List of Foods High in Fiber
17 Day Diet Food List Cycle 1
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